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What is PokemonPlasma?

PokémonPlasma is an online Pokémon RPG game. RPG stands for computer role playing game. In this game, you take on the role of a real Pokémon trainer. Are you ready for it? Then sign up now!

PokémonPlasma is a game that never gets boring, similar to Pokémon Showdown. Take on the role of the strong trainer and help make PokémonPlasma big. Pokémon Zamazenta Don't let more than 800 Pokémon escape your attention! Play the game with all the passion you have. Result in a full Pokedex. Train your own being, catch a new one, or fight with another trainer and find out who's the strongest. Note, this Pokémon RPG game is addictive fun. If you're not afraid of this challenge and dare to enter the Pokémon world, sign up now for free on PokémonPlasma.

Attention, this game is addictive fun!



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